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  • Dr. Gary Morsch

Heart to Heart International Ships $134.5 Million of Aid in 2015

Heart to Heart International (HHI) achieved an an amazing milestone in 2015 as an organizational record was set - shipping $134.5 million worth of meidcine and medical supplies to those in need around the US and the world.

HHI's warehouse - referred to as "The HUB" - was the launch pad creating 732 shipments-- representing 185 recipient prtners and servicing 44 countries.

In one year, this is truly a milestone.

We were not alone in this achievement. The generosity of FedEX and our pharmaceutical and medical supply partners provided the medicines and supplies sent to clinics, community health centers, medical teams, hospitals, shelters, and missions.

Our dedicated HUB staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to reach this record. Togehter thousands of people in Kansas City, our country and the world receivd the help they needed.

But we're not done. Not even close.

Stay tuned for updates throughout 2016.

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