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  • Dr. Gary Morsch

All Hands on Deck!

A small HHI team made its way up into the mountains to a community whose health center had been destroyed. The injured had gathered at the police station, and a local nurse was treating them. A young man had been carried many miles on a stretcher looking for help. I examined him, and found he had an open fracture of the lower leg which was badly infected.

The roof had fallen on his leg a week ago during the hurricane, and he was just now getting out, since the roads were impassable. I knew he needed emergency surgery.

Though our vehicle was full, we told the nurse we would squeeze him into our SUV and take him to the only hospital in Jeremie, where we hoped he could be treated. Winding down the mountain, we delivered him to the local hospital. A US Army helicopter was called, and the patient was Medevac'd to Port-au-Prince for surgery.

One more patient saved! Thank you Heart to Heart for being an organization that truly cares for the world in need!

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