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  • Gary Morsch

Where It All Began: The Transforming Power of Serving Others

We can do no great thing - only small things with great love.

~ M. Teresa, M.C.

Gary and Mother Teresa became close friends over 10 years of working together at The Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India. It was Mother Teresa’s personal impact on Gary and the life lessons he learned in serving the poorest and the dying that led him to establish Heart to Heart International as a humanitarian relief agency.

It is this quote from Mother Teresa that Gary holds close in his mind. Each day he looks for the small opportunities to serve others with great love.

In 1996, Heart to Heart International delivered $12 million dollars worth of medical aid to the Missionaries of Charity. This aid was in the form of pharmaceutical products, clothing and stuffed animals for the children of the orphanage overseen by Mother Teresa. The rock group, Queen, also contributed to this airlift with Heart to Heart International and accompanied Gary to Calcutta. This was the largest of aid received by the city of Calcutta. This project would have never made it off the ground - literally - without the generous contribution of a cargo plane from FedEx. Since 1996, FedEx has partnered with Heart to Heart International to deliver shipments all over the world on a routine basis and when called upon for aid with natural disasters.

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